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COVID19 Terms And Conditions

1. Before every lesson the pupil MUST wash their hands. Hand sanitiser will be provided before the lesson. 

2. On the day of the lesson the pupil MUST do a personal health check for COVID19 symptoms and immediately notify the instructor of any symptoms before the instructor turns up for your lesson.

3. Pupil will be required to wear a face mask / gloves / and use a seat cover. You will be required to dispose of these items yourself. Some or all of these will be relaxed as the Government changes guideline's on COVID19. 

5. Pupil Must if at any point in a lesson feel unwell with potential COVID19 symptoms notify the instructor straight away (your lesson would then have to end early with full payment required).

6. If you do have any COVID19 symptoms you will be required to abandon lessons for two weeks.

7. COVID19 symptoms: A temperature / loss of taste or smell / continuous cough.

8. The instructor will clean / sanitise / wipe over any areas that has or could have been exposed to touch inside and outside of the vehicle.

9. The instructor will notify you if they feel unwell with COVID19 symptoms.

10.The vehicle will be ventilated throughout a lesson (windows will be open weather permitted).

11. If the instructor feels you are showing any symptoms before or during a lesson then the instructor has the right to cancel your lesson even if you say otherwise and full payment will be required.

12. Any long explanations of a subject may have to be explained outside of the car.

13. The instructor/school will do their best to keep the lessons as normal as possible.

14. The lessons are done at the pupils own risk. The school/instructor does not accept any responsibility if the pupil contracts COVID19.

15. Pupils should keep checking the Government COVID19 guidelines.

16. As part of choosing to undertake driving lessons, this means that you have automatically agreed to the terms and conditions set out above of the school/instructor.

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